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You’ve decided your company needs a website, but how do people find it on the web. If your website is not being seen then whats the point in having it? You now want traffic and visitors to see your product or services. In order for people to view your website it needs to be promoted. The “build it and they will come” theory is sadly untrue.

We admit that there is quite a lot of information below to read through, however, if you're serious about being seen on the web we highly recommend you spend some time with a coffee and read this through.

Viral Copy - Trading Words for Traffic - PDF

The CAT Partnership understands that clients sometimes need assistance in understanding the methods of online advertising and marketing available to them and which routes are likely to best achieve their objectives.

Consequently, the CAT Partnership provides strategic online marketing advice services; pulling together your goals into a single online strategy. The strategy will encompass requirements, implementation, reporting and success measures.

The strategy will consider all methods of online advertising and marketing, from search engine marketing to email campaigns and affiliate programs.

Once the strategy has been approved, the CAT Partnership will assist you in implementing that strategy and measuring its success.

[1] (Natural) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

[2] Press release

[3] Pay per click (PPC) Google Adwords/Overture/etc

[4] Affiliate marketing

[5] Email marketing

[6] Banner advertising

[7] Link exchange programs

[8] Blogging and why its important to you (coming soon)

[1] Manual Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our service is this simple

• Immediate Discount Guarantee – If your website is currently already listed or being refreshed across the top major search engines such as MSN, Lycos, Yahoo, AltaVista we will give you a discount.

• Gold 12 Month Guarantee – We offer a 12 months guaranteed search engine inclusion which monitors your sites position.

• 100+ Top 10 Search Engine Rankings – We aim to get your website in to the top 3 and 10 positions on the first page of 100 plus top search engines.

• Your Main Competitors – Who’s stealing your traffic? We will aim to get your site listed with better search engine ranking than 3 of your nearest competitors.

• 48 Hour Guaranteed Refresh – Your pages will be refreshed across the internet to accommodate any changes made to them to deliver real-time content.

• 150+ Top 10 Country Specific Rankings – If you require specific country targeting, we can get your site listed in the first page of more than 150 search engines.

• Search Engine Optimisation– Your site will be optimised by a technician based on key phrases of your choice or we can assist you as required. To find out which key phrases related to your product or service are being searched upon the most, you can use this simple tool –

• Google and Yahoo Link Popularity – Your website is manually posted to editors of various sites such as the prestigious Gimpsy, which in return helps your placement in the larger search engines such as Google, Yahoo and AOL by link popularity.

Your Key phrases - All Major Search Engines - Top 3 & 10 positions - Nearest 3 Competitors :


Find out how many customers want your products and services by using the free service below. You will be able to find out which keywords or phrases are searched upon the most using all the major search engines, except Google. Google occupies around 50% of all the search engines traffic. Therefore, simply double any figure to find the total amount.

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[2] Press Release

• GUARANTEED Global Search Engine Inclusion - To describe the SEO Plus s promotion would be to simply state it is one of the quickest, forceful and totally global means of attaining 100's of top 10 rankings for a highly OPTIMIZED press release that is a true supplement to normal website optimisation, helping to place your site in front of your new customers. SEO Plus produces results through a press release, in terms of placement as well as tripling the number of top 10 results you might normally see through your normal SEO package, on a totally fast-track basis. The news press release could be ranking across the search engines in 100's of top 10 positions for almost all keyword terms relevant to your website, in just 7 days.

• Increase Visitors And Increase Sales – SEO Plus really is now a true supplement to actual website optimisation, as it delivers not only inclusion for a news announcement linked to your site on a specific date, but also looks to provide double, to triple, the results of our traditional website optimisation campaigns.

• Global Press Release Submission - SEO Plus is not only specific to attaining the very best possible exposure within the search engines and into the media news listings of Yahoo News, Google News, Lycos News & Altavista News. A highly sought after element of SEO Plus is the full submission of your OPTIMIZED news release through an established & global leader in press release submission services. We pay a direct fee & have your OPTIMIZED press release checked before its final submission into media wires. We further have it fully categorized to ensure it meets the correct recipients if picked up from the media wire. Not only this, but just 8 hours after release we will send you full reporting statistics of how many positions it has attained on the first page across the search engines.

• RESULTS - By taking into account 100's of countries worldwide and then by combining them with highly related 1 word 'keywords' a recent submission through SEO Plus produced over 1,000 first page results for a global internet service provider, catapulting more visitors to their website through the direct links that were encapsulated within the news release than could ever have been attained in the same period had the website itself been optimised for top placement. Allow SEO Plus to catapult a highly OPTIMIZED media release into the top of Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, Hotbot, Infospace, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Webcrawler, Dogpile, NBCi, Metacrawler and many more. Further, the release will become fully listed in the Google search result listings, AOL and MSN. Business Plus is one of the quickest new media routes to search engine exposure.

[3] Pay Per Click

What is Pay Per Click - PPC?
The majority of search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo & MSN) sell premium listings, usually the first few results, on a cost per click basis.

Why does Pay Per Click work so well?

Pay Per Click listings work because they put your company in front of people looking for your products or services.

When a potential customer arrives at your web site, they have already searched for products or services you offer. This makes them a pre-qualified lead, with a high chance of them purchasing your products or services.

[4] Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs have become a phenomenal success for a range of companies selling products and services online.

The main reason for this is the ability to quickly and easily create a program that allows a range of other websites with their own customer base, to link to your products in return for a commission on each sale or lead they generate.

[5] Email Marketing

Maintaining good communications with your current, previous and potential customers is essential in building solid customer relationships.

Well designed email marketing campaigns with bespoke content will help maintain that relationship.

[6] Banner Advertising

Banner advertising remains an effective method of providing brand and product awareness to either a mass market or a highly targeted market sector.

[7] Link Exchange

• Incoming Links - One of the single most important factors a search engine uses to rank your web site is link popularity . Link popularity is based on the number of incoming links you have from other web sites. Also known as backlinks, search engines view each of these links to your site as "vote" for your site. The more incoming links your site has, the more important the search engine will consider your site to be and rank it accordingly.

• Themed Links - Having links to your site is not enough. Themed Link Exchanges from sites that are on-topic and share the same theme as your own site are valued more. The reason is simple: To a search engine, links between sites that share the same topic are considered more relevant! Allowing you get highly relevant, on-topic, inbound links in instantly!

• RESULTS - Every time a new site is enrolled in the program, a link to your site will appear on their link page! (You of course, have option to manually pre-approve new member sites if you so choose.)

Please note: We offer no guarantee of ranking with the SEO service as ultimately this is out of anyone's control. We also offer no guarantee of sales or profits on any of the above marketing strategies. We do however offer all of our advice and experience with each of the services and aim to create cost affective campaigns to suit your budget.

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